Link022 - an open WiFi access point
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Link022: an open WiFi access point

Link022 is an open reference implementation and experimental platform for an OpenConfig and gNMI controlled WiFi access point.

The central part of Link022 is an gNMI agent that runs on a Linux host with WiFi capability. The agent turns the host into an gNMI capable wireless access point which can be configured using OpenConfig models.

Get Started

This repository contains following components.

Link022 agent

A WiFi management component that runs on a Link022 AP, with OpenConfig and gNMI implemented. It supports gNMI "SET" and "GET" opertions for AP configuration.

To run the agent on a Raspberry Pi device, see the start guide.

Link022 demo

A demo for configuring Link022 AP though gNMI. demo guide

Link022 emulator

An emulator that runs Link022 agent inside a Linux namespace. start guide

gNMI test kit.

A tool to test the gNMI functionality of an AP device. start guide