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Access to Mako

Access to create benchmarks

The service is designed to be used by open source projects in which Google is actively engaged. For this reason, the ability to create new benchmarks on is limited to whitelisted identities.

If you’re interested in using Mako for such a project, please add a GitHub issue to with your request.

Access to run Mako tests

Mako performance tests (tests that report their performance data to using a Mako client) require write access to the benchmark associated with that test. This access can only be granted by the owners of that particular Mako benchmark (not by us, the maintainers of Mako).

If you would like access to run performance tests and upload results to a benchmark in, please direct your request to the owners of the repository containing the Mako test.

Managing access to your benchmark

If you are the owner of a Mako benchmark, you can manage its ownership, including adding and removing owners. Use the Mako CLI to make changes to your benchmark. Read to learn how to build the Mako CLI.

To update a benchmark to modify its owners (or any other fields), use the update_benchmark subcommand.

mako help update_benchmark

To open a local editor which will allow you to make changes to the benchmark, which will be uploaded to once the file is saved and quit, execute:

BENCHMARK_KEY=<your benchmark key>
mako update_benchmark --benchmark_key=${BENCHMARK_KEY}

When you modify a benchmark in this way, you’re modifying a protobuf BenchmarkInfo object. To read more about BenchmarkInfo fields, check out mako.proto.

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