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@sgomes sgomes released this Dec 21, 2016 · 2872 commits to mdl-1.x since this release

MDL v1.3 adds some fixes that have been committed since 1.2.1, as well as a new feature.

New: prevent automatic upgrading

@AlexanderOtavka added the ability to disable auto-upgrading! This is useful if you want to manage the component lifecycle yourself, such as if you're integrating with a framework.

In order to do this, register an event listener for the mdl-componentupgrading event. Once you receive an event, you can choose whether or not to cancel it, giving you control on a per-component basis.

Bug fixes and improvements

Thank you to all the contributors, and sorry if I missed anyone above!

MDC-Web and plans for the future

As you may have noticed, an alpha for Material Components for the web (MDC-Web) was recently released.

MDC-Web started life as version 2 of Material Design Lite, but has since evolved into a project of its own, with a broader team and a strong focus on providing a high-quality Material Design implementation for all of the web.

Here are some of the highlights of what you can expect:

  • Modular components, served as independent NPM packages (as well as a large all-in-one meta-package)
  • Manual lifecycle control, with an opt-in auto-init option
  • Stronger focus on progressive enhancement, performance, and accessibility
  • Internals built with low-level architecture to facilitate integration into frameworks
  • Still fully vanilla: no polyfills or frameworks needed

The project is still in its alpha stage, so expect to find a lot of missing components, and to see significant churn as we make changes based on your feedback!

What happens to Material Design Lite?

Material Design Lite (v1) will remain available, with limited support. We don’t have the resources to fully maintain both projects, so we won’t be doing any further development on MDL ourselves.

That said, we’ll do our best to be around to fix critical bugs and accept PRs from the community, as well as release those in new versions. This model has worked well ever since we started the v2 work that eventually resulted in MDC-Web, with new components, new features, and many bugfixes contributed since then.

With this approach, we plan to give developers time to migrate to MDC-Web as the project matures and the community grows.

Full 1.3.0 changelist.

MD5: c6ec30e0470491e58ad2c69aefcbfce9
SHA1: 123dd0c30b2aa03fc37ae8216276547461dd115c
SHA256: ce746c6483c357da5642915c38b01b03d124c37565855b6f60b7d87e74228fea

MD5: 18201311fc4c71b581ca717f4ead3992
SHA1: 3aff5e0ec9e31ad1a8e57e9365c7ac113f1d6def
SHA256: 4b4ab9845dba0e6a6fda172d69aff6da72c3e429dc1f3d30fa0935d315f40cb6

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@sgomes sgomes released this Sep 8, 2016 · 2872 commits to mdl-1.x since this release

MDL v1.2.1 fixes a regression with the drawer button introduced in 1.2. It was being positioned incorrectly.

Full 1.2.1 changelist.

MD5: 1b70c8c1f9e2341c307ddbeaac87e048
SHA1: 83c6d73a424afb9d5461d78be0425e36a0465e11
SHA256: d0659c7acf39ce43348a2bbf4d3c0ea244114cf5234c24afa733f2b952c49c06

MD5: 2728f8703aba0a4ef27b3b573405de68
SHA1: edd174d9fbdc33ae19cc071d2e0ab690aacbe8cd
SHA256: 1cd534b279d59763d12d547a88ee4483157f2d87846c98b0d2220661fa92600e

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@sgomes sgomes released this Aug 12, 2016 · 2872 commits to mdl-1.x since this release

MDL v1.2 brings in some long due bug-fixes and new features.

New component: chips!

@b-kelly brings us chips!


A huge thank you for working on this component, @b-kelly! 🙌

Bug fixes and improvements

Plans for the future

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this release! Quite a few of these bugs have long been waiting to get pushed into a new stable release. Sorry it took so long.

As you may have noticed, the core team isn't working very actively on v1 at the moment. We're currently focusing heavily on v2 development, the current state of which can be seen in the master branch. It is still very early and no support is provided for it at the moment, but you are free to play around with it and help discuss things in the issue tracker. You'll find a number of relevant issues there that we've created to help us figure out what your needs are.

With this large focus on v2, v1 is only supported by the core team for critical bugs, moving forward. That said, we are happy to review PRs against the mdl-1.x branch for any non-critical bugs or new components, as we did for chips on this release. Fixes and bugs must not break compatibility with existing applications, though, since it's still the 1.x line.

This means v1 is now on community-support going forward.

As for v2, we're currently working towards an alpha so we can present our approach and get your feedback. Stay tuned for more!

Full 1.2.0 changelist.

MD5: 135b81cad0fcd71f979b6ebdba995c0d
SHA1: 7733b92e4161b21fd11cac9311b99915d10fe148
SHA256: a4c94fa75cc1bb742cc5c6e87db2b487442ec04dd2eda612e29d12780a51b86a

MD5: 82e60a82464c9ddf94c48aeadc687f65
SHA1: 992833b33ae1a66fec9ba46098cdb1259d2185dd
SHA256: ad98ad88fe210eddae4732f23bad173d7cd048ed996f3a568d5a63774a3d3e36

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@sgomes sgomes released this Mar 17, 2016 · 2872 commits to mdl-1.x since this release

MDL v1.1.3 fixes a few more issues, namely:

  • #4179: Further fixes to snackbar positioning, on small screens. Thanks, @Garbee!
  • Update docs and templates to use magic viewport, to enable GPU rasterization on Chrome Android.
  • #4183: Fix tab navigation with external links. Thanks, @sad270!
  • #4191: Fix issues with initEvent in Firefox.
  • Fixes to CI configuration.

Full 1.1.3 changelist.

MD5: 3c788257213c0f582518879a01bf8e4b
SHA1: 4f20d699175915174ab83518296239c9efc0cd3c
SHA256: 52ddf338664c2eb94cefc27c564183427c73c200f53d3c934df397e4f3b7e5d0

MD5: 0c086db8b63116e5e0572e62e80ba19e
SHA1: 9447b160d426883cb2b8397f47fc46081f71f598
SHA256: 648a4a1e09cba4d88c856039ed8c48c1de200233eb7504de14574e9f777e7236

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@sgomes sgomes released this Mar 4, 2016 · 2872 commits to mdl-1.x since this release

MDL v1.1.2 fixes a few more issues, namely:

  • NPM package was missing all colour combinations files in v1.1.1
  • Data table sorting icon appearance
  • Improvements to component deconstruction
  • was missing a link to the Portfolio template (sorry, @mustafa-x!)
  • Snackbar alignment fixes
  • Documentation fixes for several components
  • Printing wasn't working in IE11
  • Improved support for placeholders in textfields

Full 1.1.2 changelist.

MD5: 281645339cf68342e75ece69efdeb6d7
SHA1: d0116d65086ca2fa385412ec5fab4d69cf5db2c6
SHA256: 726688b1999b4aa29e360e87f60589c59c819f95051be9de296a5895b04c7e3a

MD5: bb38ca65cf2c888865ebacccda6d5e34
SHA1: 60bdd899757358823eaf959d02cc5b823a855cdc
SHA256: 1fe91ed86c705142ee1f8037a74f74001b55cc8d09a9c9a48c64b23734ea5404

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@sgomes sgomes released this Feb 3, 2016 · 2872 commits to mdl-1.x since this release

MDL v1.1.1 fixes a new minor issues with 1.1.0, namely:

  • #4056: Incorrect sizing and colors in lists.
  • #4058: Incorrect behaviour with waterfall headers on small screen sizes.
  • #4066: Wrong color used for textfield errors.

Full 1.1.1 changelist.

MD5: 594eef0ea44aa7f2b2f51185460743a2
SHA1: d1863d477eeb143ecfd003502279e4c8f37a5863
SHA256: e2b23bac016ee9e52ff7ca6e6ba460952c3b21d1263e18eaf7666da2f1f55a93

MD5: e120af2e5731dddd0af10ca1a417d9b3
SHA1: 7dc2476e628dd1089d07bac65ed3f7d6d6645595
SHA256: 9a7016e71524016837368b0221cf448fb0c8612cdad90fe02a7c45612724f391

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@sgomes sgomes released this Feb 1, 2016 · 2872 commits to mdl-1.x since this release

New components!

MDL v1.1.0 is the first feature update of MDL, with three new major additions.

Snackbars and toasts

Using mdl-snackbar, you can now use both toasts:


and snackbars:


Thanks @Garbee, for implementing this much requested component!

Please note, the alignment is known to not be exact content center. Instead the snackbar begins at the center of the page. This is due to limiting technology in the browsers we are supporting.


You can now use mdl-dialog to add modal windows prompting users for input:


Note that this component relies on the <dialog> element, which has very limited cross-browser support at the moment. We do not include a polyfill for this functionality with MDL, but you can use an existing one, or build your own.

Thanks to @Garbee for this component too!


We've added the mdl-list style component to make it easier for you to create lists with Material Design styling.


Thanks to @rohanthacker for taking care of this one!

New and improved

  • Added new template: portfolio. Thanks, @mustafa-x!
  • Added overlap option to badges.
  • Added full bleed modifier option to menu items.
  • Added option to hide top rather than bottom in a waterfall header layout.
  • Added checkFocus() method to textfield.
  • Added toggleDrawer() method to MaterialLayout.
  • Added column sorting to data table.
  • Added data-mdl-for option to menu component.


v1.1.0 also includes a number of fixes and improvements, some of the most important being:

  • Added optional Closure compiler support and tests.
  • Added memory tests and expanded current test suite.
  • Fixed issues with downgrading components.
  • Fixed small visual glitches in footer, switch, layout, button, card.
  • Fixed small visual glitches in, blog and dashboard templates.
  • Made a number of a11y improvements across multiple components.
  • Improvements to the build process and continuous integration.

You can also check the full changelist.

Next steps

Main development will now continue in master with 2.0 work, with mdl-1.1 for bugfix releases on the 1.1.x line.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this release! 🙌

MD5: 406b735ee32009c259cf6446a7e3e4ec
SHA1: 8f57587edb081908ae000dbedf2d100ddd53feba
SHA256: c20f66c32ac9de0ba6fa475d0400b2e0ff080fa0c02b1527ff77e8f7d862947f

MD5: b2e04f36676e9a17af52b97be8288a3f
SHA1: 5898ff2cd94de13c6af6297b11101b375504c922
SHA256: 524bc372ebef086ca858355d6657f56a77fc5ce9462343f5c0787c1960e06e81

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@sgomes sgomes released this Nov 2, 2015 · 2872 commits to mdl-1.x since this release

MDL v1.0.6 is the final release of the 1.0 line, with all development continuing now in 1.1. Some notable changes include:

  • Fixed scrolling with mouse wheel on open drawers.
  • Worked around iOS 9 WebView bugs with general sibling (~) selector.
  • Worked around Safari bugs with consecutive adjacent sibling (+) selectors.
  • Small fixes to button styling to follow the spec more accurately.
  • A number of small documentation fixes and improvements.

You can also check the full changelist.

MD5: 4869bf87ec07690f884dceeb51403c98
SHA1: c384d97218878649a5d63fdc48315e57c5eb7394
SHA256: 1de4daab6e073eabfd3dc7e2f9bfce12e25fc995638414609a9bee193119a2df

MD5: 77928be85deda07a38c83788431ecdbc
SHA1: 707bf0f954b2bee9c2191c3a4c353be6d10998ee
SHA256: c3ab035adbf98281d76f771ea1fa324112946f1a342a3808ecbcb74ae77d4b94

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@sgomes sgomes released this Sep 29, 2015 · 2872 commits to mdl-1.x since this release

MDL 1.0.5 introduces a few more fixes, notably:

  • Closure compiler compatibility fixes (#1551, #1570)
  • Several fixes to mdl-layout (#1532, #1580, #1656)
  • #1498: Fix for upgrade issues with dynamically created components (thanks, @dopic!)

You can also check the full changelist.

MD5: f2016824b8dad95d015cf8dd5356187f
SHA1: 7ce02a267c54844f1d1eb21f9d79fb73b4ed36e9
SHA256: 829639542bbaae5375f8b5e5c7a40053db64ad4ba8710d66d367ebb6f6e20e00

MD5: 2c116d0013e229ed0f1361eb0df4759e
SHA1: 365c55e0280050723a04f3a10063016ff33e1dfc
SHA256: d9e1a0e602e2865c28c2c4e9004202dc7473f3fcefabb8630fb637ce43c8a87c

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@sgomes sgomes released this Aug 20, 2015 · 2872 commits to mdl-1.x since this release

Following hot on the trail of 1.0.3 comes 1.0.4, a hotfix release that addresses some regressions 😓

  • #1423. Textfield background regression.
  • #1420. Revert iOS data table scrolling fix causing tooltip placement regression.
  • #1437. Add missing files to release folder.

Full 1.0.4 changelist.

For everything else, please check the 1.0.3 release notes.

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