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@jsanmiya jsanmiya released this Feb 23, 2017 · 55 commits to master since this release

The 1.1.0 release of MathFu improves the syntax for accessing x, y, z, w components of a vector (no more parentheses!). It also adds a basic rectangle class, and some useful operators to existing math types.

New features:

  • Add Rect class for rectangles
  • Add FromType() and ToType() from/to byte-wise compatible conversions.


  • Improve load times for vector types
  • Refactor Cmake and Android build files
  • Add quaternion dot product
  • Add missing vec4 division operator.
  • Add Equal and Not Equal operator overload in Vector
  • Fix kQuatIdentity

Interface changes:

  • Remove legacy mathfu/vector_2.h, mathfu/vector_3.h, mathfu/vector_4.h. Include mathfu/vector.h instead.
  • Change .x(), .y(), .z(), .w() accessors to be simply .x, .y, .z, .w, instead
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