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MechaHamster {#mechahamster_readme}

MechaHamster is a game about guiding a futuristic hamster ball through dangerous space mazes, create mazes of their own, and share them with friends. Can you guide Major Hammy D. Hamster to safety?


MechaHamster serves as a demonstration, sample, and reference for integrating Firebase with the Firebase Unity SDK, and Daydream with the Google VR SDK for Unity into a game project.


MechaHamster demonstrates the following concepts:


MechaHamster source code can be downloaded from Github.

If cloning locally using git clone, be sure to use the --recurse-submodules flag to ensure required scripts from submodules are present.

And download the game to your mobile device from the AppStore and Google Play Store



  • Open the project in at least Unity 5.6 beta, this is required for the Google VR SDK for Unity.
  • Download the Firebase Unity SDK and unzip.
  • Import the following plugins - using Assets > Import Package > Custom Package menu item - from the Firebase Unity SDK:
    • FirebaseAnalytics.unitypackage
    • FirebaseAuth.unitypackage
    • FirebaseCrashlytics.unitypackage (Beta)
    • FirebaseDatabase.unitypackage
    • FirebaseMessaging.unitypackage
    • FirebaseRemoteConfig.unitypackage
    • FirebaseStorage.unitypackage
  • Select a target platform (iOS or Android) using the File > Build Settings menu option.
  • Add Firebase to your app. For more information see Building MechaHamster.
  • Wait for the spinner (compiling) icon to stop in the bottom right corner of the Unity status bar.
  • Finally, select the File > Build Settings menu option then click Build and Run.

MechaHamster currently only works with .NET 3.x. If Firebase Unity SDK version is 5.4.0 or above, please import plugins from dotnet3 folder. And make sure Scripting Runtime Version in Edit > Project Settings > Player is set to .NET 3.x, ex. Stable (.NET 3.5 Equivalent) in Unity 2017


For more information about MechaHamster see [MechaHamster Document][] To contribute the this project see CONTRIBUTING.