Mecha Hamster is a game where you roll through customizable environments that you can share with your friends.
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MechaHamster {#mechahamster_readme}

MechaHamster is a game about guiding a futuristic hamster ball through dangerous space mazes, create mazes of their own, and share them with friends. Can you guide Major Hammy D. Hamster to safety?


MechaHamster serves as a demonstration, sample, and reference for integrating Firebase with the Firebase Unity SDK, and Daydream with the Google VR SDK for Unity into a game project.


MechaHamster demonstrates the following concepts:


MechaHamster source code can be downloaded from Github.

And download the game to your mobile device from the AppStore and Google Play Store



  • Open the project in at least Unity 5.6 beta, this is required for the Google VR SDK for Unity.
  • Download the Firebase Unity SDK and unzip.
  • Import the following plugins - using Assets > Import Package > Custom Package menu item - from the Firebase Unity SDK:
    • FirebaseAnalytics.unitypackage
    • FirebaseAuth.unitypackage
    • FirebaseDatabase.unitypackage
    • FirebaseInvites.unitypackage
    • FirebaseMessaging.unitypackage
    • FirebaseRemoteConfig.unitypackage
  • Select a target platform (iOS or Android) using the File > Build Settings menu option.
  • Add Firebase to your app using either the Firebase Unity SDK iOS Setup or Firebase Unity SDK Android Setup. For more information see Building MechaHamster.
  • Wait for the spinner (compiling) icon to stop in the bottom right corner of the Unity status bar.
  • Finally, select the File > Build Settings menu option then click Build and Run.


For more information about MechaHamster see [MechaHamster Document][] To contribute the this project see CONTRIBUTING.