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Lint cleanup.

Cancellation support.
Support SELECT *

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1 parent c43ba22 commit f3fcb56ad02ed31f23651e19a04bbfe8db25b57f
Showing with 21 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +21 −6 parser_lib/
@@ -1,6 +1,4 @@
# Copyright 2011 Google Inc.
# Copyright 2011 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
@@ -37,9 +35,9 @@
import parser

from pylib import schema
except ImportError:
from ..pylib import schema
except (ImportError, ValueError):
from pylib import schema

class Error(Exception): pass
@@ -54,6 +52,10 @@ def __str__(self):
return '%s (at char %d)' % (self.msg, self.loc)

class Cancelled(Error):
"""Cancel callback returned True."""

ParseError = parser.ParseError

@@ -77,21 +79,31 @@ def CalledOncePerInvocation(self, *args, **kwargs):
class Validator(object):
"""Validate a set of parsed SQL statements."""

def __init__(self, db_schema=None, progress_callback=None):
def __init__(self, db_schema=None, progress_callback=None,
db_schema: Instance of schema.Schema for fetching existing schema and
storing local mutations.
progress_callback: Called with character location after each statement is
cancel_check_callback: Called to check if we've been cancelled. Returning
True will cancel the current operation.
self._schema = db_schema or schema.Schema()
self._callback = progress_callback
self._cancel_check_callback = cancel_check_callback
self._errors = []
self._warnings = []
self._loc = 0

def _CheckCancelled(self):
if not self._cancel_check_callback:
if self._cancel_check_callback():
raise Cancelled

def ValidateTree(self, queries, additional_visitors=(),
max_alter_rows=100000, # for AlterChecker
allowed_engines=('InnoDB',), # for CreateTableChecker
@@ -119,6 +131,7 @@ def ValidateTree(self, queries, additional_visitors=(),
# We iterate query-by-query, so each visitor can modify the token tree and
# things happen in the right order.
for query in queries:
assert query.getName() == 'query', (
'Invalid second-level token: %s' % (query.getName()))
logging.debug('Visiting: %s', query)
@@ -595,6 +608,8 @@ def visit_column_spec(self, tokens, table_aliases):
except KeyError:
# Not enough info, we have to scan
column_name = tokens['column'][0]
if column_name == '*' and self.IsDescendedFrom(['select_expression']):
results = set()
logging.debug('Searching for %s in: %s', column_name, table_aliases)
for table_spec in table_aliases.itervalues():

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