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# To run the build locally, install cloud-build-local first.
# See:
# Then run:
# cloud-build-local --config=cloudbuild-nomulus.yaml --dryrun=false --substitutions TAG_NAME=[TAG] .
# This will create a docker image named[PROJECT_ID]/proxy:[TAG] locally.
# The PROJECT_ID is the current project name that gcloud uses.
# You can add "--push true" to have the image pushed to GCR.
# To manually trigger a build on GCB, run:
# gcloud builds submit --config cloudbuild-nomulus.yaml --substitutions TAG_NAME=[TAG] .
# To trigger a build automatically, follow the instructions below and add a trigger:
# Set permissions correctly. Not sure why it is necessary, but it is.
- name: 'alpine'
args: ['chown', '-R', 'root:root', '.']
- name: 'alpine'
args: ['chmod', '-R', '777', '.']
# Clone the private repo and merge its contents.
- name: ''
args: ['source', 'repos', 'clone', 'nomulus-config']
- name: 'alpine'
args: ['sh', '-c', 'cp -r nomulus-config/* .']
# Build the deployment files.
- name: 'google/cloud-sdk'
args: ['./gradlew', 'stage', '-x', 'autoLintGradle']
dir: 'gradle'
# Tar the deployment files as we cannot upload directories to GCS.
- name: 'alpine'
args: ['tar', 'cvf', '../../../default.tar', '.']
dir: 'gradle/services/default/build/staged-app'
- name: 'alpine'
args: ['tar', 'cvf', '../../../pubapi.tar', '.']
dir: 'gradle/services/pubapi/build/staged-app'
- name: 'alpine'
args: ['tar', 'cvf', '../../../backend.tar', '.']
dir: 'gradle/services/backend/build/staged-app'
- name: 'alpine'
args: ['tar', 'cvf', '../../../tools.tar', '.']
dir: 'gradle/services/tools/build/staged-app'
# Tar files to upload to GCS.
location: 'gs://${PROJECT_ID}-deploy/${TAG_NAME}'
- 'gradle/services/default.tar'
- 'gradle/services/pubapi.tar'
- 'gradle/services/backend.tar'
- 'gradle/services/tools.tar'
timeout: 3600s
machineType: 'N1_HIGHCPU_8'