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weiminyu Fix dependency-locking config (#276)
* Fix dependency-locking config

Reenable dependency locking after a bug errorneouly turned it off.

Removed the guava-related workaround that forcefully resolve to
the -jre distribution.

Enabled locking for buildSrc by updating its property file.

Updated all lock files.
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This project contains Nomulus's Cloud SQL schema and schema-deployment utilities.

Schema DDL Scripts

Currently we use Flyway for schema deployment. Versioned incremental update scripts are organized in the src/main/resources/sql/flyway folder. A Flyway 'migration' task examines the target database instance, and makes sure that only changes not yet deployed are pushed.

Below are the steps to submit a schema change:

  • Define the incremental DDL script that would update the existing schema to the new one.
  • Add the script to the src/main/resource/flyway folder. Its name should follow the V{id}__{description text}.sql, where {id} is a number that is higher than all existing scripts in that folder. Also note that it is a double underscore in the naming pattern.
  • Run :db:tests from the Gradle root project. The SchemaTest will fail because the new schema does not match the gold file.
  • Copy db/build/resources/test/testcontainer/mount/dump.txt to the golden file (db/src/main/resources/sql/schema/nomulus.golden.sql). Diff it against the old version and verify that all changes are expected.
  • Retrun :db:tests. This time all tests should pass.

Relevant files (under db/src/main/resources/sql/schema/):

  • nomulus.golden.sql is the schema dump (pg_dump for postgres) of the final schema pushed by Flyway. This is mostly for informational, although it may be used in tests.
  • db-schema.sql.generated is the schema generated from ORM classes by the GenerateSqlSchema command in Nomulus tool. This reflects the ORM-layer's view of the schema.

The generated schema and the golden one may diverge during schema changes. For example, when adding a new column to a table, we would deploy the change before adding it to the relevant ORM class. Therefore, for a short time the golden file will contain the new column while the generated one does not.

Non-production Schema Push

To manage schema in a non-production environment, use the 'flywayMigration' task. You will need Cloud SDK and login once.

# One time login
gcloud auth login

# Deploy the current schema to alpha
gradlew :db:flywayMigrate -PdbServer=alpha

# Delete the entire schema in alpha
gradlew :db:flywayClean -PdbServer=alpha

The flywayMigrate task is idempotent. Repeated runs will not introduce problems.

The Flyway tasks may also be used to deploy to local instances, e.g, your own test instance. E.g.,

# Deploy to a local instance at standard port as the super user.
gradlew :db:flywayMigrate -PdbServer= -PdbPassword=domain-registry

# Full specification of all parameters
gradlew :db:flywayMigrate -PdbServer= -PdbUser=postgres \

Production Schema Deployment

Schema deployment to production and sandbox is under development.

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