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This folder contains experimental Gradle scripts as an alternative to Bazel for the open-source Nomulus project. These are work-in-progress and are expected to evolve in the near future.

Gradle is configured to use the directory containing this file as root, but use the existing Nomulus source tree.

All testing is done with Gradle v5.1.1.

Notable Issues

Test suites (RdeTestSuite and TmchTestSuite) are ignored to avoid duplicate execution of tests. Neither suite performs any shared test setup routine, so it is easier to exclude the suite classes than individual test classes. This is the reason why all test tasks in the :core project contain the exclude pattern '"/TestCase.", "/TestSuite."'

Many Nomulus tests are not hermetic: they modify global state (e.g., the shared local instance of Datastore) but do not clean up on completion. This becomes a problem with Gradle. In the beginning we forced Gradle to run every test class in a new process, and incurred heavy overheads. Since then, we have fixed some tests, and manged to divide all tests into three suites that do not have intra-suite conflicts. We will revisit the remaining tests soon.

Note that it is unclear if all conflicting tests have been identified. More may be exposed if test execution order changes, e.g., when new tests are added or execution parallelism level changes.

Initial Setup

Install Gradle on your local host, then run the following commands from this directory:

# One-time command to add gradle wrapper:
gradle wrapper

# Start the build:
./gradlew build

From now on, use './gradlew build' or './gradlew test' to build and test your changes.

To upgrade to a new Gradle version for this project, use:

gradle wrapper --gradle-version version-number

Deploy to AppEngine

Use the Gradle task 'appengineDeploy' to build and deploy to AppEngine. For now you must update the appengine.deploy.project in build.gradle to your GCP project ID.

To deploy the Gradle build, you will need the Google Cloud SDK and its app-engine-java component.

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