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PACO is a mobile platform for behavioral science

What does that mean?

It's a tool for building your own personal science experiments, trackers, and changers! In minutes!! Without programming!!

It's a tool for understanding behavior better! Your's and/or others'

It's a tool that aims for better living through better understanding of behavior

To learn more about using Paco, go to

This site is for developers wanting to contribute to Paco.

  1. First, check out our Road Map and our project milestones:

  2. Find an issue you'd like to work on, preferably in the milestones, or. in the issue tracker:

  3. Once you have it working, formatted to our style guide and unit tested, send us a pull request.
    NOTE: For first time submitters, Google requires us to get a Contributor License Agreement stating that the code you are submitting will be your own intellectual property free for you to submit. You can fill it out here: Individual Contributor License Agreement

Getting Started in Development

Note: 'develop' is our integration branch for Android and Server. It is the stable version of what's in prod.

Note: 'ios-init' is our integration branch for iOS at the moment. It is the stable head of ios development.

Server and Android code:

iOS development

  • TBD. drop us a line until we put up an iOS dev page.

Mailing Lists

Other useful stuff, Architecture notes, etc...

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