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Tool to convert Linux perf files to the profile.proto format used by pprof
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The perf_to_profile binary can be used to turn a file, which is generated by the linux profiler, perf, into a profile.proto file which can be visualized using the tool pprof.

For details on pprof, see


Prerequisites to build

  • Install dependencies

    sudo apt-get -y install g++ git libelf-dev libcap-dev

Compile and Test

To install all dependences and build the binary, run the following commands. These were tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS:


  • Install bazel by following the instructions here.

  • Install dependencies and build perf_to_profile using bazel

    git clone
    cd perf_data_converter
    bazel build src:perf_to_profile

Place the perf_to_profile binary in a place accessible from your PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin).

Running tests

  • There are a small number of tests that verify the basic functionality. To run these, after successful compilation, run:

    bazel test src:all
    bazel test src/quipper:all

Note: Executables generated using bazel build are available under the directory bazel-bin/.


  • Profile a command using perf, for example:

    perf record /bin/ls
  • Recent versions of pprof will automatically invoke perf_to_profile:

    pprof -web


We appreciate your help!

Note that perf data converter and quipper projects do not use GitHub pull requests, and that we use the issue tracker for bug reports.

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