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Polymorphic Domain Specific Language Framework

An incredibly powerful framework for scaling testing across multiple applications and platforms.

Getting Started

Start with the manual.

The documentation directory of this project has a "Getting Started" guide as well as other information we expect you'll find helpful!





Apache 2.0; see LICENSE for details.


Many ANTLR4 .g4 files are used to generate code used at runtime. There is separate code for both the Gherkin Parser used in the library and the grammars used for the tests. To make this all work an additional maven test profile is used in the project.

mvn clean install will probably fail during the test phase because it is expecting this code to be generated. This can be solved by first running mvn clean antlr4:antlr4 -P test to generate the test classes.

Running mvn clean at this point will destroy all of the generated code, so to install do the following operations:

mvn clean antlr4:antlr4 -P test
mvn antlr4:antlr4 install

At this point you can use mvn anltr4:antlr4 <some lifecycle> up until you run mvn clean again. If you do that you will need to regenerate the source code using the -P test profile as shown above.


Deploying to Remote Repository

Google has a nexus repository. Only Google employees are able to access it.

A release can be staged at the repository using the following command:

mvn clean antlr4:antlr4 && mvn antlr4:antlr4 -Ptest && mvn antlr4:antlr4 deploy -Prelease

This command generates the Gherkin parser, then the parsers needed for testing and finally runs the deploy (which is also when the tests will execute).

Deploying to staging will require removing the -SNAPSHOT postfix from the POM as well as having a cryptographic signature available to sign the application.

Making a local JAR

A fat JAR with all the dependencies is made with the shade plugin, but currently it won't work unless the shade:shade lifecycle is explicitly called:

mvn clean antlr4:antlr4 -P test && mvn antlr4:antlr4 package shade:shade

Deploy to Google's Nexus Repository


This project is not an official Google project. It is not supported by Google and Google specifically disclaims all warranties as to its quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.