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Querypoint Debugging Prototype
JavaScript CSS
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ChannelPlate Async for asynchronous unit testing
Model Define the global names before loading .js files, to centralize
Panel Merge branch 'recorder'
Querypoint Merge branch 'recorder'
dev2DAV dev2DAV devtools extension writes to jsDAV
diff_match_patch Apache 2.0
fonts [gh-pages] Create gh-pages branch via GitHub
http Simplify test server
images [gh-pages] Create gh-pages branch via GitHub
javascripts [gh-pages] Create gh-pages branch via GitHub
jquery hack jquery to avoid triggering break on error
keymaster Sync to change in
knockout knockout-2.2.0rc.debug.js MIT
mirror update CodeMirror to 3.13
mutation-summary git clone
stylesheets [gh-pages] Create gh-pages branch via GitHub
test Merge branch 'recorder'
traceur Sync to upstream traceur compiler at a24aab5103f7829c8a4730d83bd49ed8…
DebugLogger.js Remove load list UI for now
QuerypointDevtools.js Sync to changes in devtoolsExtended
QuerypointDevtoolsPage.html Sync to changes in devtoolsExtended
documentation.html Fixes #43, [documentation] We need a top-level documentation page
index.html Update for issue #36, fix bad link
license.txt first
manifest.json Fixes #21, Remove dependency on chrome.experimental so we can install…
params.json [gh-pages] add caveats to intro page
parseuri.js MIT
readme.txt Update readme.txt


// Google BSD license
// Copyright 2012 Google Inc.

Chrome Devtools extension for Querypoint debugging prototype 


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