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Ringdroid APKs

  • Ringdroid 2.4 APK - Jul 2010 - 361 KB - This version requires Android 1.6 (Donut) or higher.
    Fix problems with assigning a ringtone to a contact on Eclair and improve accessibility with improved keyboard access and content descriptions.
  • Ringdroid 2.3 APK - Jan 2010 - 309 KB - The last version that works on Android 1.5 phones.
    Fix incompatibilities with the Droid Eris.
  • Ringdroid 2.2 APK - Jan 2010 - 307 KB
    Fix several previously reported problems and improve support for phones running Donut or Eclair and phones with high-resolution screens.
  • Ringdroid 2.1 APK - Aug 2009 - 279 KB
    Play through the main audio channel rather than the ringtone channel, and fix a problem with some AAC files.
  • Ringdroid 2.0 APK - Jul 2009 - 279 KB
    Add AAC support (iTunes music files), let you assign ringtones directly to a contact, and include more descriptive error messages when something goes wrong.
  • Ringdroid 1.1 APK - Apr 2009 - 242 KB
    Add compatibility with Android 1.5 (Cupcake) and phones with a soft keyboard, and make it possible to delete sounds from within Ringdroid by long-pressing on a sound in the main list view.
  • Ringdroid 1.0 APK - Oct 2008 - 262 KB
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