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Using Ringdroid

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How to use Ringdroid

Here are some videos that show people using Ringdroid!

Put songs on your SD card

The first step is to copy songs onto your SD card. Connect your handset to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Your handset will now appear on your computer just like a disk, CD-ROM, flash drive, or external disk would. Copy MP3 files and other audio files to your SD card, and then unmount the drive and disconnect the USB cable.

For Mac users, you will need to use Android File Transfer.

Android supports common file formats like MP3 and AAC (iTunes, unprotected). It does NOT support WMA files.

Tip: Download songs from your Google Play library

Even though you can download songs from your Google Play library on your mobile using directly the Play Music app, Ringdroid is not able to see them. To use songs from your Google Play library, you will actually need to download them on your computer first (following these instructions), then copy them on your SD card. WARNING: as of 05/14/15 we recommend using Google Play Music for Chrome, as you can download songs to you computer an unlimited amount of times. If you use Safari, IE, or Firefox, you can download a song to your computer only two times (please carefully read the instructions for more details since this may have changed since this page has been written).