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Roman Word Bubbling


CVI (cortical/cerebral visual impairment) is the leading cause of blindness in children today. Children with CVI typically have some vision but have difficulty processing complex visual information.

Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy, one of the foremost leaders in CVI research, developed a system of bubbling words to emphasize the salient features of the word as a way to reduce visual complexity and improve literacy education for students with CVI.

Previously parents and educators were manually drawing these outlines. This is time-intensive and imprecise. Experts express concern that it can be done incorrectly, thus decreasing the effectiveness.


This application automates the process of bubbling words to facilitate literacy education for the visually impaired. It is intended to be used by parents and educators as a tool to assist them in the teaching process.


Many thanks to Dr. Roman-Lantzy for her guidance and support and to all the other parents and educators who inspired and tested this project.


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