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Gradle Builds

The build file can be used to recreate the Sage.jar and/or the MiniClient.jar on Windows, Linux or Mac.

After cloning the repository, you can re-create the Sage.jar by running the sageJar task

Linux Users

./gradlew sageJar

Windows Users

gradlew.bat sageJar

Keep in mind the first time you run gradlew it will take some time has it has to download some dependencies.

To rebuild the MiniClient.jar

Linux Users

./gradlew miniclientJar

Windows Users

gradlew.bat miniclientJar

Settings up Eclipse

After cloning the repository, you can create the Eclipse Project Files by running the commands cleanEclipse eclipse

./gradlew cleanEclipse eclipse

You can open the project in eclipse and it will be fully configured as a Java Project. To open the project, you would create an eclipse workspace, and then use the File -> Import -> Existing Projects and navigate to the git source directory and it should see a SageTV project.

You cannot recreate the Sage.jar from within eclipse, but it will compile files, etc. When you need to rebuild the Sage.jar simple use the sageJar task.

Gradle Plugin for Eclipse

You can find information on how to install the Gradle Plugin here