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Fixed issue where fast file switching could be attempted during playl…

…ist playback

This isn't a bug itself, but because the rest of the design didn't account for this (i.e. you don't need to have live control when doing a playlist), bad things happen quite often when the system tries to do this.
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1 parent f25b632 commit d1a494a556665407bf8d9d6d4fd2bedb5d870179 @Narflex Narflex committed Jan 9, 2017
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@@ -5313,14 +5313,22 @@ public Playlist getNowPlayingList()
return nowPlayingPlaylist;
- public static boolean areMediaFileFormatsSwitchable(MediaFile previousFile, MediaFile file)
+ public boolean areMediaFileFormatsSwitchable(MediaFile previousFile, MediaFile file)
if (previousFile == null || file == null)
if (Sage.DBG) System.out.println("No fast switching due to NULL file previous=" + previousFile + " file=" + file);
return false;
+ // Narflex - 1/9/17 - I've seen various issues happen when we try to fast switch during playlist playback
+ // so I'm just going to disallow it. It gets confused because you're not necessarily live, but the other checks
+ // here pass for the files being fast switchable.
+ if (!playlistChain.isEmpty()) {
+ System.out.println("No fast switching because we are executing a playlist");
+ return false;
+ }
// New Rules!!
// This is now only allowed for TV recordings; and only if the two were recorded back to back on
// the same channel; and the capture device they were recorded w/ supports fast switching; and they

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