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Fixed bug where transitions between programs could freeze on Windows

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1 parent e7b15b6 commit f25b632fd9334c6a347c865caf62b9192221a1bf @Narflex Narflex committed with Narflex Jan 9, 2017
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@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@
* Fix: Added handling for an unknown regular expression Schedules Direct was providing for the postal code for a few countries. The code also now skips the check if it does not recognize the regex formatting.
* Fix: Added better handling to Seeker when starting a recording and no directories are selectable for the desired encoder.
* Force debug logging to always be on.
+* Fix: Watched calculation for movies with commercials is improved
+* Fix: Prevent freezing between programs when playing back on Windows (matches V7 behavior, although not ideal, avoids freezing)
## Version 9.0.12 (2016-12-22)
* New: Schedules Direct now includes teams as people for favorite scheduling.
@@ -886,9 +886,12 @@ else if (isPlayin())
// the server had actually pushed the EOS data because the current media time was within 250msec of the calculated duration.
// So I added a '!liveControl' to the below conditional to prevent us from moving to the next airing if we have live control
// and we have no hit the EOS yet.
+ // Narflex - 1/9/17 - Conditionalize the !liveControl so it doesn't apply on Windows DShow playback because there's
+ // some other bug which is preventing the demux EOS message from coming back which is there in V7 as well. Ideally,
+ // that issue gets fixed...but for the meantime, in order to match V7 this instead.
if (eos || (waitTime <= 0 && (!currFile.isMusic() ||
( && uiMgr.getUIClientType() == UIClient.LOCAL && Sage.WINDOWS_OS)) &&
- getRealDurMillis() > 1 && !currFile.isDVD() && !liveControl))
+ getRealDurMillis() > 1 && !currFile.isDVD() && (!liveControl || player instanceof DShowMediaPlayer)))
if (processingWatchRequest)

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