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Installer for Windows

This folder includes the files needed to perform the build of the installers for windows

Note: this is a work in progress and I hope to add more scripting and automation over time

Change the versions for an installer release

  • all version information is retreived from java/sage/

Use powershell script to build each part of the product

From Admin Powershell

  • cd C:\Projects\Installer\sagetv\installer\wix\SageTVSetup
  • .\installerbuild.ps1 -A


  • run .\installerbuild.ps1 without any parameters to see the list of available options
  • to upload to bintray add the -u parameter such as ".\installerbuild.ps1 -A -u"


  • building of imageloader.dll and swscale.dll still need to be added to this powershell script
  • I will expand on this document as time permits as you will need WIX installed as well as VS2015 and a number of environment variables to make this work.