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This repository is an umbrella for the three repositories previously hosted on code.google.com:

Since those projects started, most of the code has been moved to the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure (http://llvm.org). Here reside some pieces of infrastructure and documentation.

Below are the links to the documentation for each project.


AddressSanitizer (ASan) is a fast memory error detector. It finds use-after-free and {heap,stack,global}-buffer overflow bugs in C/C++ programs. Learn more:

Your comments are welcome at address-sanitizer@googlegroups.com or in Google+


ThreadSanitizer is a fast data race detector for C/C++ and Go.

Check out:

Send comments/questions to thread-sanitizer@googlegroups.com


A fast LLVM-based tool that detects the use of uninitialized memory.

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