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Achieve better test coverage for Triples and Transform functions #73

merged 4 commits into from Jan 16, 2020
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Just for now


Remove unrechable code from toClass.

We check for classes.size right after adding wellKnownTypes to that set.
It will never be 0.

The assertion in BuildClasses will never be true, since IsClass is the
same condition as what causes this content to be added. Instead of
bespoke exceptions, we use node's assertion to make sure that this won't

More philosophically, we should use this type of assertion whenever --
within the bounds of an exported function -- regardless of its inputs,
a certain condition is impossible.

Instead let's just make sure explicit exceptions are used for things that
can go wrong in actuality.
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Eyas committed Jan 16, 2020
commit 11c9f64397e0ddbe29f09ac1b8945fd72d7ad213
@@ -14,12 +14,16 @@
* limitations under the License.

import {ok} from 'assert';

import {Log} from '../logging';
import {ObjectPredicate, Topic, TypedTopic} from '../triples/triple';
import {UrlNode} from '../triples/types';
import {IsClass} from '../triples/wellKnown';
import {BooleanEnum, Builtin, Class, ClassMap, DataTypeUnion} from '../ts/class';

const assert: <T>(item: T|undefined) => asserts item is T = ok;

function toClass(cls: Class, topic: Topic, map: ClassMap): Class {
const rest: ObjectPredicate[] = [];
for (const value of topic.values) {
@@ -87,10 +91,6 @@ function ForwardDeclareClasses(topics: ReadonlyArray<TypedTopic>): ClassMap {
topic.Subject.toString(), new Class(topic.Subject, allowString));

if (classes.size === 0) {
throw new Error('Expected Class topics to exist.');

return classes;

@@ -99,10 +99,7 @@ function BuildClasses(topics: ReadonlyArray<TypedTopic>, classes: ClassMap) {
if (!IsClass(topic)) continue;

const cls = classes.get(topic.Subject.toString());
if (!cls) {
throw new Error(`Class ${
topic.Subject.toString()} should have been forward declared.`);
toClass(cls, topic, classes);
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