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This project provides data validation facilities for use with and related approaches to structured data publication. It integrates existing opensource tooling for data extraction (JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata) and validation (ShEx, SHACL), providing a framework for content checking that focusses on documenting the positive incentives for including various data "shapes", rather than on simply giving errors and warnings.

It is designed to work with both ShEx and SHACL approaches to validation, and to distinguish between validation that is based solely on definitions, from validation with respect to the information needs of some product, platform or service feature. Multiple validation definitions can be used when checking a single piece of content, allowing users to understand the larger ecosystem of data consuming applications that their markup may be eligible for.

This is an initial release, and is not recommended for production use at this time. An experimental demo (source code) is available (currently hosted in static form here on Github, so some features like server-side JS execution and URL-fetching are not enabled).

For background on the underlying technologies, see the book, "Validating RDF data".