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This directory hosts proof-of-concept codes accompanying script gadgets research.


Presentations / papers:

In order to use the code, you'll need a HTTP(S) server with PHP support. We used Apache2 + mod_php. Respective virtual hosts used in the PoCs are:

  • victim.example.com
  • attacker.example.com

Feel free to replace those hostnames according to your setup with grep. Please set up both virtual hosts as serving the same directory, with the root of the site pointing to script-gadgets directory.

The proof-of-concepts are organized by the XSS mitigation bypassed, so e.g. /repo/csp/sd will host all Content Security Policy (CSP) strict-dynamic bypasses. In each directory each of the *-exploit.* files contains bypass using a given framework or library, so /repo/csp/ue/aurelia_exploit.php demonstrates how aurelia framework may bypass the unsafe-eval CSP.

The full list of bypasses is in bypasses.md.

Some of the payloads require additional modules e.g. ModSecurity. You will need TLS certificates for some of the payloads - try LetsEncrypt.