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@shaka-bot shaka-bot released this May 8, 2019 · 250 commits to master since this release

2.5.0 (2019-05-08)

The UI is now out of beta! Use shaka-player.ui.js and see the UI tutorials.

Core Bugfixes:

  • Fix missing variants in HLS
  • Ignore manifest-provided license servers if application-provided servers
    are configured
  • Fix range header regression that broke IIS compatibility
  • Fix initial display of captions based on language preferences
  • Ignore duplicate codecs in HLS
  • Reject AES-128 HLS content with meaningful error
  • Fix React Native createObjectURL polyfill incompatibility
  • Dolby Vision fixes for Chromecast
  • Fix redundant initialization of MediaSource
  • Fix stalls on WebOS
  • Fix missing require for SimpleTextDisplayer
  • Fix broken version definition in compiled build
  • Fix video reloading on audio language change

UI Bugfixes:

  • Fix missing resolution menu in UI after playing audio-only content
  • Fix pointer cursor on UI spacer
  • Do not show PIP button if not allowed
  • Fix hiding captions in UI text displayer
  • Fix UI text displayer positioning on IE
  • Make live stream timecode accessible to screen readers in the UI
  • Fix ARIA pressed state for button in text selection menu
  • Show picture-in-picture btn only when the content has video
  • Fix multiline captions in UI text displayer
  • Fix display of cast button in UI
  • Fix conflict between PiP and fullscreen
  • Fix cast receiver styling

New Core Features:

  • Abort requests when network downgrading
  • Add FairPlay support
  • Add native HLS support on iOS and Safari
  • Support src= for single-file playback
  • Add 'manifestparsed' event for early access to manifest contents
  • Add 'abrstatuschanged' event to help manage UI state
  • Make manifest redirections sticky for updates
  • Track time in "pause" state in stats
  • Make Stall Detector Configurable

New UI Features:

  • Add support for UI reconfiguration and layout changes
  • Add support for custom UI buttons
  • Add partial support for SMPTE-TT subtitles in UI text displayer
  • Add PiP support in Safari

Demo App:

  • Complete redesign of the demo app!
  • Load non-built-in localizations from the server at runtime
  • Ignore spurious errors from ChromeVox
  • Don't handle non-app resources in service worker


  • Document UI events
  • Update Manifest Parser documentation
  • Clarify track selection callback in offline tutorial
  • Fix jsdoc and markdown formatting of links
  • Add link for Shaka Player Embedded
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