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syntax = "proto2";
package shipshape_proto;
option java_outer_classname = "ShipshapeRpcProto";
option java_package = "";
import "shipshape/proto/note.proto";
import "shipshape/proto/shipshape_context.proto";
message GetCategoryRequest {
// Tells the environment what analyses are available at this
// service.
message GetCategoryResponse {
// List of analysis categories available.
// For individual analyzers, this list should have one element.
// Dispatching analyzers (implementation details for Shipshape) can
// return multiple categories.
// Should match requirements in the category field for Notes.
repeated string category = 1;
message GetStageRequest {
// Tells the environment what stage the analyzer can run in.
message GetStageResponse {
optional Stage stage = 1;
// Provides information to an analyzer to perform its analysis.
message AnalyzeRequest {
optional ShipshapeContext shipshape_context = 1;
repeated string category = 2;
message AnalysisFailure {
optional string category = 1; // required
optional string failure_message = 2; // required
// Describes the results of an analysis, whether complete or failed.
// If an analysis run completes successfully but produces no notes,
// just return an empty list.
// If the analyzer fails, return a failure_message. Analyzers may also
// return partial results (only a subset of the notes) in this case.
message AnalyzeResponse {
repeated Note note = 1;
repeated AnalysisFailure failure = 2;
// Service that implements the logic of a shipshape analyzer.
// Can either be an individual analyzer, or a dispatching analyzer
// that is responsible for all the analyzers within a given process.
service ShipshapeAnalyzer {
// Called by the shipshape environment to retrieve the list of known
// analysis categories for this analyzer.
rpc GetCategory(GetCategoryRequest) returns (GetCategoryResponse) {
// Called by shipshape to find out what stage to run an analyzer in.
rpc GetStage(GetStageRequest) returns (GetStageResponse) {
// Called by the shipshape environment to perform analysis on a specific
// ShipshapeContext.
rpc Analyze(AnalyzeRequest) returns (AnalyzeResponse) {
message ShipshapeRequest {
// The ShipshapeContext to use for this run
optional ShipshapeContext shipshape_context = 1;
// Explicitly triggered categories. If empty will run what is in config files.
// Will only run the triggered categories.
repeated string triggered_category = 2;
// The event we are running for
optional string event = 3;
// Which stage to run
optional Stage stage = 4;
message ShipshapeResponse {
repeated AnalyzeResponse analyze_response = 1;
// The Shipshape Service. This does not generate any code, but is
// included for documentation.
service Shipshape {
// Called by systems that need to start up the Shipshape Pipeline
// Will return immediately, but results will continue
rpc Run(ShipshapeRequest) returns (ShipshapeResponse) {}
// Retrieve the list of known analysis categories for all analyzers
// available from the Shipshape service.
rpc GetCategory(GetCategoryRequest) returns (GetCategoryResponse) {}
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