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@felixarntz felixarntz released this Jul 4, 2019


  • Ensure admin bar menu shows as expected for single posts when on a staging or development environment mirroring real posts, and ensure the menu is shown for the correct single post. See #61.
  • Fix URL matches for http and https variations in Analytics and AdSense modules. See #60.
  • Fix console error on settings page while checking for existing analytics tag. See #59.
  • Fix JavaScript error when admin bar is missing and add partial support for toolbar. See #49.
  • Enhance Travis-CI build matrix to test against oldest and newest supported WordPress versions. See #45.
  • Move johnpbloch/wordpress-core dependency to require-dev in composer.json. Props ataylorme, TangRufus. See #38.
  • Ensure domain sent for reporting is consistent by trimming any trailing slashes. See #23.
  • Fix PHP 7+ compatibility warnings by removing unused phpseclib/phpseclib dependency. Props sviluppomania. See #21.
  • Remove translation file generator from build process and the @wordpress/babel-plugin-makepot package. See #17.
  • Fix analytics setup flow empty render for accounts with only shared properties or views. See #11.
  • Check if LOGGED_IN_KEY and LOGGED_IN_SALT are defined before using it, to account for some environments such as local ones. Props jphorn. See #7.
  • Fix PHP notices being thrown on AMP reader mode when Analytics or Tag Manager snippet is not inserted. Props amitmalewar. See #5.
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@felixarntz felixarntz released this Jun 19, 2019 · 110 commits to master since this release

  • Initial developer beta release.
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