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@felixarntz felixarntz released this 18 Jun 23:03

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  • Implement new version of PageSpeed Insights widget that focuses on core web vitals. See #1636.
  • Introduce modules/optimize JS datastore for Optimize module. See #1620.


  • Detect current URL and related data when on the Site Kit screen for single URL details. See #1653.
  • Implement tabbed UI for new web vitals widget separating between mobile and desktop as well as lab and field data. See #1649.
  • Only load Site Kit-specific Analytics script on Site Kit admin screens. See #1648.
  • Pass user_roles query parameter during setup. See #1639.
  • Simplify module datastore creation by including commonStore in the store returned googlesitekit.modules.createModuleStore. See #1607.
  • Add selectors to get module-specific admin screen URLs to every module datastore. See #1559.
  • Fix accessibility issues in Site Kit settings due to semantically incorrect tag usage. See #1557.
  • Add getReport selector to modules/pagespeed-insights datastore to get UX reports. See #1426.
  • Implement meta programming approach for API-based datastore selectors and actions to reduce boilerplate. See #1288.
  • Include anchor link in success notification after setting up PageSpeed Insights module. See #532.


  • Reduce bundle size of Analytics and Optimize module JS assets. See #1661.
  • Do not run Site Kit assets logic when not applicable for the current user, avoiding unnecessary checks e.g. on the login screen. See #1650.
  • Fix incompatibility with WooCommerce due to Webpack conflict. See #1637.
  • Fix bug with event firing when activating or deactivating a module. See #1629.
  • Enhance functionality of new core/modules store so that module activation/deactivation results in authentication data to be refreshed. See #1507.
  • Fix ad blocker detection failing for popular AdBlock browser extension. See #1491.
  • Ensure dashboard search form can only be submitted with valid content. See #1434.
  • Fix Analytics data displayed for Users being partially incorrect due to incorrect date parsing. See #1394.
  • Fix table content overflow issues in narrow viewports. Props AlexandreOrlowski. See #1376.