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@felixarntz felixarntz released this 01 Feb 16:00

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  • Launch new All Traffic widget in the Site Kit dashboard, which surfaces more detailed information about channels, includes a time-based graph, and surfaces similar metrics for countries and devices the site is accessed from. See #2429.


  • Modify pie chart tooltip behavior for new All Traffic widget so that tooltips are only shown when hovering over a pie slice. See #2701.
  • Store initial Site Kit version per user for more targeted messaging in the future and introduce googlesitekit_reauthorize_user action. See #2692.
  • Improve user experience of new All Traffic widget for when it is loading and for when there is no relevant data available. See #2675.
  • Fix layout of new All Traffic widget on mobile viewports to use a single column. See #2663.
  • Add contextual documentation links to new All Traffic widget to explain special dimension values "(not set)" and "(other)". See #2642.
  • Modify new All Traffic widget so that the line chart always uses the same color indicated by the currently selected pie slice. See #2625.
  • Modify font styles in the new All Traffic widget to match font styles used in Search Funnel widget and elsewhere throughout the plugin. See #2623.
  • Rely on new Search Console "fresh data" feature to display metrics as recent as 1 day ago, improving on the previous offset of 2 days. See #2522.
  • Remove various old REST datapoints in AdSense, Analytics, and Search Console modules that were only present to access specific settings and unused. See #2507.
  • Introduce core/location JS store, rely on it for redirects, and fix notification about unsatisfied scopes unnecessarily appearing before an OAuth redirect. See #2497.
  • Get rid of remaining usage of legacy dateRange argument in AdSense widgets. See #2477.
  • Improve JS API caching layer to cache certain error responses if they include a cacheTTL extra data property, allowing to avoid excessive Analytics API requests when the AdSense account is not linked. See #2457.
  • Introduce infrastructure for dynamically controlled feature flags via a googlesitekit_is_feature_enabled filter. See #2452.
  • Implement logic to automatically combine UI for widgets that are in special states, e.g. widgets without sufficient API response data, or widgets that require a specific module to be set up first. See #2252.
  • Add widget contexts and register widget areas for Site Kit module pages. See #2062.


  • Fix All Traffic widget UI bug where pie chart tooltips would flicker when hovering over them. See #2709.
  • Ensure line chart in All Traffic is correctly left-aligned with the total user count. See #2708.
  • Fix performance lag across Site Kit screens due to a problem in the getModules selector of the core/modules store. See #2691.
  • Fix bug where Tag Manager and Analytics snippet could be inserted twice on AMP pages. See #2668.
  • Fix bug with All Traffic widget where selected pie slice would no longer remain selected when changing the current date range. See #2644.
  • Fix graph in All Traffic widget to not cut off axis labels on viewports smaller than desktop. See #2624.