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Version Number Format

Version numbers for both the PDK and the supplied libraries are fully specified by a 3-digit version number followed by a git commit count and a git commit short hash.

The 3-digit-number will be tagged in the associated git repository as vX.Y.Z and the fully specified value can be found by running git describe tool inside the correct git repository.

The version number is broken down as vX.Y.Z-AAA-gHHHHH;

  • The letter v.
  • X = The "Milestone Release" Number
    • 0 indicates "alpha" level. The IP has not undergone full qualification. Parts of the IP may be immature and untested.
    • 1 indicates "beta" level. The IP has undergone qualification testing but has not been hardware verified.
    • 2 indicates production level. The IP has passed qualification testing and has been hardware verified.
  • Y = The "Major Release" Number
  • Z = The "Minor Release" Number
  • A single hyphen character -
  • AAA = The git commit count since the version number was tagged.
  • A single hyphen character followed by the letter g -g
  • HHHH = A git commit short hash which uniquely identifies a specific git commit inside the associated git repository.