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Starlark in Rust

An implementation in Rust of the Starlark language

Build Status

Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported Google product. This project is supported on a best-effort basis and welcome contributions.

Starlark, formerly codenamed Skylark, is a non-Turing complete language based on Python that was made for the Bazel build system to define compilation plugin.

Starlark has at least 3 implementations: a Java one for Bazel, a Go one and this one.

This interpreter was made using the specification from the go version and the Python 3 documentation when things were unclear.

This interpreter does not support most of the go extensions (e.g. bitwise operator or floating point). It optionally includes a set type (by enabling the linked_hash_set feature), as an extension which is not specified in the official Starlark specification, but note that this is just an insertion-order-preserving set, and does not have optimisations for nesting as can be found in the starlark Java implemnetation's depset implementation. It uses signed 64-bit integers.


You can depend on the starlark crate, it is documented using

A command line interpreter is also provided by this project under starlark-repl, it can interpret files passed at the command line and also start a REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop). The usage of this program is:

$ starlark-repl --help
[Starlark in Rust interpretor]

Usage: starlark-repl [options] [file1..filen]

    -b, --build_file    Parse the build file format instead of full Starlark.
    -h, --help          Show the usage of this program.
    -r, --repl          Run a REPL after files have been parsed.



This project build with Cargo. Simply run cargo test to test it, cargo build --release to build a release version and cargo run to run the command-line interpreter.

Possible improvements and optimizations

  • Errors:
    • When an identifier is not found, we can suggest close identifier / keyword.
    • Fix suggestions maybe?
    • Better error spans.
    • Recoverable errors (don't stop at the first error, continue parsing).
  • Evaluation:
    • Static rewrite of the AST before evaluation (e.g. for constant values)
  • Awesome feature:
    • Implement a debugging protocol server side (compatible with the Java one, see (bazelbuild/vscode-bazel#6)).
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