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Update C++ style guide to 3.260:

 - Add boost::bimap to the list of allowed Boost libraries.
 - C++11: remove mention of constexpr.
 - Remove noun/verb naming rules, and consolidate "General Naming Rules".
 - C++11: allow variadic templates.
 - Revise guidance on function definition comments.
 - Clarify that one space is sufficient before trailing /* */ comments.
 - C++11: allow alias templates.
 - C++11: allow <array>, deprecate Boost array.
 - C++11: allow unique_ptr, deprecate Boost pointer container.
 - C++11: allow braced initializer lists.

Update Objective-C style guide to 2.56:
 - Add details on constant declarations to clarify naming and scope issues.
 - Update link to Apple's Objective-C guide.
 - Allow left-aligning multi-block method invocation segments.
 - Add section on container literals.

Update Python style guide to 2.54:
 - Allow str.format in addition to the % operator.
 - Allow #!/usr/bin/python2 and #!/usr/bin/python3.
 - Move the closing brace example from column 4 to 0.
 - Remove the requirement to use named parameters for arguments with defaults.

Update HTML/CSS style guide to 2.23:
 - No changes.

Update JavaScript style guide to 2.82:
 - Fix typos, whitespace, and character entities.
 - Include property descriptions in the clause about omitting obvious comments.
 - Make file overviews optional.
 - Fix example in "HTML in JSDoc" section.
 - Remove the semicolon-insertion language from the operators section.
 - State that complete sentences are recommended but not required.
 - Document usage of goog.scope to declare new classes.

Update Common Lisp style guide to 1.20:
 - Indicate both variable and function predicates require a "p".
 - Make the abbreviations rules consistent and in one location.
 - Don't allow for the use of &AUX.
 - Allow for "body" and "end" as exceptions to the suffix rule.
 - Use the TODO convention to mark code that needs to be addressed.
 - Remove file maintainership requirements, require a description.
 - Change top-level form requirements to the length of a page.
 - Remove "don't be clever".
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