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Update C++ style guide to 3.274:

 - Change formatting rules of braced initializers.
 - Permit use of constexpr and allow constexpr global variables.
 - Allow all C++11 features except for those that are specifically banned.
 - Fix/add C99 format specifiers for ptrdiff_t and ssize_t.
 - Add lambda expressions to the list of explicitly banned C++11 features.
 - Relax "return type is always on the same line as the function name" rule.
 - Allow unique_ptr, discourage ownership transfer. Allow noncopyable std::move.
 - Allow system-specific includes after other includes.
 - Add boost/math/distributions to the set of permitted Boost libraries.

Update Objective-C style guide to 2.59:
 - Use instancetype as return type for example init methods.
 - Remove invalid +stringWithInt: call.
 - Remove reference to pre-Objective-C 2.0 declaration requirements.
 - Remove reference to Objective-C exception macros.
 - Remove reference to informal protocols as an alternative to optional methods.
 - Class headers should include comments documenting non-trivial interfaces.
 - Don't specify that blocks are preferable to methods as callbacks.
 - Specify "strong" and "weak" as comments for non-Objective-C pointers.
 - Replace improper reference to ownership of a retained object.
 - Clarify some aspects of method ordering rules.
 - Prefixes are required for shared code and optional for applications.
 - Clarify that nil pointers are safe as receivers, not necessarily parameters.
 - Clarify that delegate pointers should typically be zeroing weak pointers.
 - Allow a 100-column limit, except for projects that choose to use 80.

Update Python style guide to 2.59:
 - Add more examples of bad code to the default arguments section.
 - Allow ''' when ' is used as the single quote within a file.
 - Remove references to pychecker. Recommend pylint.
 - Add more examples to the indentation section.

Update JavaScript style guide to 2.93:
 - Add @nocompile.
 - Fix a few typos.
 - When wrapping lines, indent more deeply for child expressions.
 - Document that @const can be used on a constructor.
 - Update eval section to discourage using eval for RPC.
 - Update an example to avoid encouraging using numbers as booleans.
 - Allow for no indentation of @desc jsdoc tags.
 - Add @public discussion.

Update shell style guide to 1.26:
 - Add a section on style for case statements.

Update Common Lisp style guide to 1.23:
 - fare-matcher was superseded by optima.
 - Clarify wording regarding DYNAMIC-EXTENT.
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