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This GitHub repository contains code samples for the Google Surveys API, built by the Surveys team @ Google. Please note that this repository is not officially supported by Google.

The Google Surveys team will do their best to keep the this repository up-to-date as the API evolves, but it's possible that at any given point the code stops working. For this reason please treat the code as illustrative only. Should you want to launch a production-quality service on the API please use the REST end-points directly.

For more information on the Google Surveys API, check out the Google Surveys API developer site.

To report an issue or request a feature, please create a new issue via Google’s Issue Tracker. For sales and product questions, please visit Google Surveys support.


  • api-samples: Code samples for interacting with the Google Surveys API, organized in language-specific directories.
  • client_libraries-DEPRECATED: C# and Java client libraries that are deprecated and no longer maintained. Preserved here for archival purposes.