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@file PVRTDecompress.h
@copyright Copyright (c) Imagination Technologies Limited.
@brief PVRTC and ETC Texture Decompression.
@brief Decompresses PVRTC to RGBA 8888
@param[in] pCompressedData The PVRTC texture data to decompress
@param[in] Do2bitMode Signifies whether the data is PVRTC2 or PVRTC4
@param[in] XDim X dimension of the texture
@param[in] YDim Y dimension of the texture
@param[in,out] pResultImage The decompressed texture data
@return Returns the amount of data that was decompressed.
int PVRTDecompressPVRTC(const void *pCompressedData,
const int Do2bitMode,
const int XDim,
const int YDim,
unsigned char* pResultImage);
@brief Decompresses ETC to RGBA 8888
@param[in] pSrcData The ETC texture data to decompress
@param[in] x X dimension of the texture
@param[in] y Y dimension of the texture
@param[in,out] pDestData The decompressed texture data
@param[in] nMode The format of the data
@return The number of bytes of ETC data decompressed
int PVRTDecompressETC(const void * const pSrcData,
const unsigned int &x,
const unsigned int &y,
void *pDestData,
const int &nMode);
#endif /* _PVRTDECOMPRESS_H_ */
End of file (PVRTBoneBatch.h)