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no-such-struct: io_cmap
no-such-struct: unimapdesc_in
no-such-struct: unimapdesc_out
no-such-struct: unimapinit
no-such-struct: tiocl_selection_arg
bad-field-number: tiocl_selection: syz=6 kernel=5
bad-struct-size: tiocl_selection: syz=11 kernel=10
bad-field-size: tiocl_selection.subcode/xs: syz=1 kernel=2
bad-field-offset: tiocl_selection.xs/ys: syz=1 kernel=2
bad-field-offset: tiocl_selection.ys/xe: syz=3 kernel=4
bad-field-offset: tiocl_selection.xe/ye: syz=5 kernel=6
bad-field-offset: syz=7 kernel=8
no-such-struct: loadlut
no-such-struct: tiocl_shift_state
no-such-struct: tioctl_scroll_console
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