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pkg/build: update fuchsia build commands.

This CL changes the invocation of the `fx set` command to match the new

This change involves removing "board" and "product" flags. Instead, now one has to use
`fx set product.board` to get the same result. In the case of syzkaller,
this would be "core.${ARCH}" where arch could be x64 or arm64.

Also, the default build directory now is `out/default`, and for now, it
is still not possible to have multiple archs built altogether. I set the
build directory manually to `out/${ARCH}` (as was before). This would
allow syzkaller to also build the kernel for arm if required.


TEST=Tested this in syz-ci. It worked.
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mvanotti authored and dvyukov committed Mar 25, 2019
1 parent 55684ce commit 69e1a4f7d5213bfbe70531479dba3bb794c6b0cf
Showing with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 pkg/build/fuchsia.go
@@ -21,9 +21,10 @@ func (fu fuchsia) build(targetArch, vmType, kernelDir, outputDir, compiler, user
return fmt.Errorf("unsupported fuchsia arch %v", targetArch)
arch := sysTarget.KernelHeaderArch
if _, err := osutil.RunCmd(time.Hour, kernelDir, "scripts/fx", "set", arch,
product := fmt.Sprintf("%s.%s", "core", arch)
if _, err := osutil.RunCmd(time.Hour, kernelDir, "scripts/fx", "set", product,
"--args", `extra_authorized_keys_file="//.ssh/authorized_keys"`,
"--board", "boards/x64.gni", "--product", "products/core.gni"); err != nil {
"--build-dir", "out/"+arch); err != nil {
return err
if _, err := osutil.RunCmd(time.Hour, kernelDir, "scripts/fx", "clean-build"); err != nil {

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