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@@ -56,10 +56,14 @@ This adds git origin `my-origin` with your repository and checks out new branch
[here]( and
[here]( for details). A
simple way to do this is:
```go get
go1.10 download
# Default download path is here.
~/sdk/go1.10/bin/go fmt [target files]```

go get
go1.10 download
# Default download path is here.
~/sdk/go1.10/bin/go fmt [target files]

- Push the commit to your fork on github with `git push my-origin my-branch`.
- Nagivate to []( and you should see green `Compare & pull request` button, press it. Then press `Create pull request`. Now your pull request should show up on [pull requests page](
- If you don't see `Create pull request` button for any reason, you can create pull request manually. For that nagivate to [pull requests page](, press `New pull request`, then `compare across forks` and choose `google/syzkaller`/`master` as base and `YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME/syzkaller`/`my-branch` as compare and press `Create pull request`.

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