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Who/what is Teknowledge?

Teknowledge's mission is to create a introductory CS curriculum for text-based programming. (This is not a Google product, but worked on as part of a Googler's 20% time.)

The current curriculum is being developed targeting 7th-8th grade students in Pittsburgh, though we aim to share it as widely as it finds use.

Learn more at

Using Teknowledge's Curriculum

This curriculum is meant to be used in sixteen lessons, running 60 minutes long, that each roughly follow this format:

  • (10-15 minutes) a short (!) lecture teaching the syntax and new concepts
  • (rest of time) students work through the coding files in order
    • encourage them to ask questions of instructors/mentors as they need help (ideally you have small groups of 2-4 students with one mentor each)
    • encourage them to collaborate together with each other to ask questions and help each other, but also to NEVER mindlessly copy someone else's code that they don't understand (that is where your learning will stop, wastes the time spent on finishing the file, and majorly hurts your future learning and future abilities)

Curriculum Overview: Lesson-by-Lesson

01_printing (1 lesson)

  • strings
  • print(), input()
  • variables

02_conditionals (1 lesson)

  • booleans
  • ==, !=
  • if, elif, else

03_functions (2 lessons)

  • functions
  • parameters
  • print vs return

04_graphics (2 lessons)

  • drawing with tkinter
  • loops
    • while loops
    • for loops

05_lists (4 lessons)

  • list basics
    • indexing
    • looping over lists
  • tuples (mainly via a list of tuples)

06_data (2 lessons)

  • dictionaries
  • basic data analytics over datasets

07_game (4 lessons)

  • a basic game framework
  • using a basic data structure (data.___)
  • bringing together many of the concepts learned to make a Circle Clash game!


Teknowledge started as a Carnegie Mellon student organization in early 2016, and has continued through the help of many organizations and people.

Curriculum Developers

Erik Pintar, Chris George, Amal Nanavati, Rudina Morina, Vikram Shanker

Special Thanks

Mark Stehlik, David Kosbie

Thanks for Funding

Google, Google IgniteCS, Carnegie Mellon University

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