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Technical Interview Exercises (TIE) is a lightweight open-source tool aimed at helping students learn key concepts, principles, and coding patterns that are important in software engineering. TIE allows users to write code to solve technical coding challenges and receive real time insightful and guiding feedback.

The project is currently in early Beta. This means that content and features are limited. We plan to add more content and features as we develop towards version 1.

User setup

  1. From, click on the green "Clone or download" button then click "Download ZIP"
  2. Unzip the zip file
  3. Open the file client/question.html in a web browser
  4. Use the coding window on the right to code a solution and click "I think I'm done" if you think you have answer (repeat until you solve the question)
  5. To stop the TIE application, simply close the browser window
  6. To remove TIE from your computer, delete the downloaded files from steps 1 and 2


This is not an official Google product. TIE is provided "as is" and without warranty (refer to the TIE LICENSE file for details).