Latest commit e94e95e Jan 5, 2016 @guybedford guybedford committed with johnjbarton Use a context argument in System.register
Thanks so much for the previous work in removing the `System` global dependency. I'm in the process of finalising the new Traceur plugin for SystemJS and will report back further if there are any further hitches.

I just wanted to go back to this format adjustment in System.register before it is too late though.

While discussing with @sebmck in the related Babel PR, it seemed a context object might be more appropriate as it can the accommodate and expand to fill whatever role the ES Module contextual syntax uses in future.

I'd be interested to hear both your thoughts on this format adjustment.

The PR here updates Traceur to use this idea of a context object argument with just one `id` property for now, which may well be a much more adaptable approach.

This is in line with the updated Babel PR at babel/babel#3166 and I will also see if I can update the TypeScript PR at Microsoft/TypeScript#6098 as well.

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Closes #2051.