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Introduction is a Python module for reading, validating, and writing transit schedule information in the GTFS format. Python programmers are encouraged to make use of this functionality when building programs that work with transit data.


Some features of the distribution depend on pytz. You may need to install it manually.

The easiest way to install transitfeed is using easy_install from the Python setuptools package:

easy_install transitfeed

will download and install transitfeed and the scripts that come with it.

If you don't have easy_install on your computer you may download transitfeed-<version>.tar.gz from [ the downloads section]. Expand with tar -xfz transitfeed-<version>.tar.gz. You may run the tools directly from the expanded directory or run python install.

Sample Usage

A small sample program for creating an (incomplete) feed is shown below. The examples directory contains more sample scripts.

import transitfeed

schedule = transitfeed.Schedule()
schedule.AddAgency("Fly Agency", "",

service_period = schedule.GetDefaultServicePeriod()
service_period.SetDateHasService('20070704', False)

stop1 = schedule.AddStop(lng=-122, lat=37.2, name="Suburbia")
stop2 = schedule.AddStop(lng=-122.001, lat=37.201, name="Civic Center")

route = schedule.AddRoute(short_name="22", long_name="Civic Center Express",

trip = route.AddTrip(schedule, headsign="To Downtown")
trip.AddStopTime(stop1, stop_time='09:00:00')
trip.AddStopTime(stop2, stop_time='09:15:00')

trip = route.AddTrip(schedule, headsign="To Suburbia")
trip.AddStopTime(stop1, stop_time='17:30:00')
trip.AddStopTime(stop2, stop_time='17:45:00')

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