A place to store some examples which use Trillian APIs to build things.
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Trillian examples

This repository contains example applications built on top of Trillian, showing that it's possible to apply Transparency concepts to problems other than Certificates.

Currently the examples here are:

  • etherslurp: An app which syncs a popular blockchain into a Trillian Log, and then replays the transactions contained in the blocks into a Trillian Map of SHA256(Account ID) -> Balance.

  • gossip: An implementation of a Gossip Hub, which is a transparent append-only Log that is intended to hold signed material from other Logs.

  • registers: A tutorial for building Trillian apps showing the use of logs and maps and serving the results to clients.

These examples are not supported per-se, but the Trillian team will likely try to help where possible. You can contact them via the channels listed under Support on the Trillian repo.