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Commits on Feb 25, 2020
  1. Implemented Docker dependency check and ability to execute jobs via D…

    wajihyassine committed Feb 25, 2020
    …ocker containers. (#488)
    * Implemented Docker dependency check and the ability to execute jobs via Docker containers.
    * Fix in one of Docker tests
    * More docker test fixes
    * Updated requirements.txt to add install of docker
    * Readded tests
    * fixed issue where device blocks will now get mounted as ro
    * removed hard coded check for unsupported commands since its not needed
    * Updated docker.execute_container() method so entrypoint is always overridden to be /bin/sh
    * First round of fixes all addressed
    * Third round of changes
    * fixes round 4
    * adding spaces to fix merge conflict
    * Final rounds of fixes
    * updated docstring for create_mount_points method
Commits on Feb 10, 2020
  1. Add evidence path to metadata file (#501)

    aarontp committed Feb 10, 2020
    * add evidence path to metadata file
    * fix tests
  2. Remove VSS flag from Plaso Task (#500)

    aarontp committed Feb 10, 2020
Commits on Feb 9, 2020
  1. Fix TurbiniaTaskResult serialization (#499)

    aarontp committed Feb 9, 2020
    * Force validate_result to serialize result
    * Make serialize return copy
    * Add warning message
Commits on Feb 8, 2020
  1. Get artifacts/parsers/file_filter from --recipe_config (#494)

    aarontp committed Feb 8, 2020
    * Get artifacts/parsers/file_filter from --recipe_config
    * Fixes
    * Fix flag and file option
    * Return result instead of raise exception
    * yapf
Commits on Feb 7, 2020
  1. remove pip session from setup (#493)

    aarontp committed Feb 7, 2020
Commits on Jan 17, 2020
  1. Fix --copy_only flag (#489)

    aarontp committed Jan 17, 2020
  2. Task Status Update (#461)

    alimez authored and aarontp committed Jan 17, 2020
    * Added live status update for running/queued tasks
    * Fixed the tests
    * Cleaned up the code
    * Made state_manager an instance variable
    * Moved preprocess after file lock
    * Update
    * Fixed some nits
    * Changed the exception handling for when the task setup fails.
    * Changed the number of the args for testTurbiniaTaskEvidenceValidationFailure
    * Moved preprocessor after evidence validation.
    * Minor fixes to the test and init file
Commits on Jan 13, 2020
  1. Proposed fix for issue #453 (#487)

    jorlamd authored and aarontp committed Jan 13, 2020
    * Proposed fix for issue #453
    * Changed approach to use factory function
    * Fixed two minor spacing/spelling issues
    * First batch of requested changes
    * Fixed typo
    * additional typos corrected
Commits on Dec 17, 2019
  1. Fix format strings for exceptions (#484)

    aarontp committed Dec 17, 2019
  2. Enumerate Docker containers as new Evidences to be processed (#465)

    rgayon authored and aarontp committed Dec 17, 2019
    * init
    * typo header
    * yapf
    * comments
    * comment
    * check PATH in docker worker too
    * add tests
    * yapf
    * comments
Commits on Dec 13, 2019
  1. Install docs revision and add recipe design doc (#482)

    aarontp committed Dec 13, 2019
    * Install docs revision and recipe Design doc
    * update/format docs
    * fix formatting
Commits on Dec 11, 2019
  1. Fix datastore data type for instance var (#480)

    aarontp committed Dec 11, 2019
    * Fix datastore data type for instance var
    * revert days history change
Commits on Dec 10, 2019
  1. Updating the lib with the GCP labels management …

    sa3eed3ed authored and Onager committed Dec 10, 2019
    …functionality and adding missing modules to dev requirements in (#459)
Commits on Dec 9, 2019
  1. Added functionality to filter jobs and run a system dependency check …

    wajihyassine authored and aarontp committed Dec 9, 2019
    …on the worker. (#464)
    * Added functionality to filter jobs by worker, updated the config to do a system dependency check prior to starting the worker, task.run_wrapper will check if a given job is enabled in the worker before running.
    * fixed client test to preconfigure setup with no dependencies to check for.
    * fixed one of the tests that was failing for python2.7
    * Addresses all round1 PR comments
    * Added dependency check for john the ripper
    * Round 3 fixes
  2. Fix listjobs command (#477)

    aarontp committed Dec 9, 2019
  3. Add engine option to graph generation (#476)

    aarontp committed Dec 9, 2019
  4. Allow optional config vars to be non-existent (#474)

    aarontp committed Dec 9, 2019
    * Allow optional config vars to be non-existent
    * Update error msg
  5. Serialize result before return (#475)

    aarontp committed Dec 9, 2019
Commits on Dec 6, 2019
  1. Added function for email notifcations (#450)

    CiaranFahy authored and aarontp committed Dec 6, 2019
    * Made email notifcation function modified config
    * forgot to add file
    * Fixed typo from last night
    * test
    * Fixes and cleanup
    * Changed it so that variables inside emailnotify will be caught by exception
    * Added config command to readme
    * made clarity improvements
    * moved imports to top of notify
    * workaround for the fact that the conifg file wasn't happy with a bool
    * Added testnotify command and also made changes requested in review
    * Update
    * added sysexit to testnotify and made it so that subject is a parameter to notify
    * improved exception handling in notify
    * removed unused EMAIL variable from config
    * formatting
    * formatting 2
    * formatting3
    * formatting 4
    * added docstring to top
    * changes
    * yapf
    * formatting
    * formatting
    * spelling
    * spelling
    * s
    * changed message and added stmplib to requirements
    * removed smtplib from requiremnets
    * added args
    * yapf
    * formatting
    * review
    * spelling
    * formatting
  2. Fixed exception thrown during evidence creation of PsortJob (#473)

    wajihyassine authored and aarontp committed Dec 6, 2019
  3. Log error instead of raise exception in server (#469)

    aarontp committed Dec 6, 2019
    * Error instead of raise exception
    * yapf
Commits on Dec 5, 2019
  1. Fixed python3 logging errors. (#458)

    alimez authored and aarontp committed Dec 5, 2019
    * Fixed python3 logging errors.
    * Fixed even more py3 logging errors.
    * Fixed even more py3 logging errors.
    * Set default number of days to 1000 to return fully user history.
    * Fixed logging issues + adjusted the number of days for user status command + implemented realtime status of queued or running tasks
    * Update
    * Added function description.
    * Update
    * Updated the workers_test
    * Removed task status update from this PR.
    * Update
    * Update
    * Update turbinia/workers/
    Code looks cleaner this way.
    Co-Authored-By: Aaron Peterson <>
    * Fixed the deleted lines.
    * synced with the head
    * Update turbinia/ to stay consistent with the codebase.
    Co-Authored-By: Aaron Peterson <>
    * Update
Commits on Nov 25, 2019
  1. Allow arbitrary output types in job graph (#462)

    aarontp committed Nov 25, 2019
Commits on Nov 23, 2019
  1. Update README and create operational details page (#463)

    aarontp committed Nov 23, 2019
    * Update
    * Update docs and format markdown
    * fix bullet points
    * Add turbiniactl status command info
    * format operational doc
Commits on Nov 19, 2019
  1. Unify 'path' attributes accross Evidences (#388)

    rgayon authored and aarontp committed Nov 19, 2019
    * init
    * init
    * docstring
    * comments
    * rename local_path flag to source_path
    * mount fs in GoogleCloudDisk
    * rename to device_path
    * Fix tests
    * PreprocessMount requires the path to the partition
    * comments
    * Pass lists
    * typo
    * typo
    * set local_path for RawDisk evidence
    * Remove -P short flag for partition, because of collisions
    * partition start at 1
    * can't set parent_evidence in init
    * googlerawdiskembeded needs to be cloud_only
    * make GoogleCloudDiskRawEmbedded extend GoogleCloudDisk
    * pass all needed params for googlecloudembedded
    * return proper type when disk is laready attached
    * don't serialize parent_evidence twice
    * Check presence of embeded disk image
    * yapf
    * Make source_path mandatory for copyable Evidences
    * make losetup create only readonly loopdevices
    * manage the case of a rawdisk image being actually a raw partition
    * yapf
    * try very hard to mount read only. This means also needing to detect file systems
    * docstring
    * drop the s
    * fix isses with accessing __dict__
    * also set the source_path for jenkins generated reporttext
    * show instance name in error
    * also remove a local_path here
    * Do proper deserialisation
    * fix tests
    * FinalReport also needs a source_path
    * update error message
    * comments
    * device_path is in RawDisk
Commits on Nov 6, 2019
  1. Binary extractor job (#448)

    meeehow authored and aarontp committed Nov 6, 2019
    * Add binary extractor job to Turbinia.
    * Fix typo.
    * Address comments in PR
    * Change evidence type.
    * Fix yapf
    * Address comments, add test case.
    * Fix python3.
    * Add more test cases
  2. Fix saving files on local instances (#455)

    aarontp committed Nov 6, 2019
    * Save evidence files even with shared FS
    * Save old file path
Commits on Nov 2, 2019
  1. Method to check for xml attribs for report generation in bulk extract…

    wajihyassine authored and aarontp committed Nov 2, 2019
    …or worker (#454)
    * Added a method in the bulk extractor worker that will check for the existence of a given xml value before trying to grab it's text. This prevents the whole report from failing in the event there is a missing field in the report.
    * fixed linting issues for bulk extractor worker and tests.
Commits on Oct 9, 2019
  1. Bulk Extractor Task (#442)

    wajihyassine authored and aarontp committed Oct 9, 2019
    * Created bulk extractor job, task, a processor module to compress and decompress archives, and the appropiate unit tests.
    * Changed TurbiniaTaskResult to call evidence.postprocess in the close method. Ran yapf across new modules and ensured all tests past
    * removed a unit test that was causing compatibility issues with python 3
    * disabled differing arguments lint in bulk extractor test
    * Went through all comments for BulkExtractor Job and made necessary changes/adjustments.
    * Created CompressedDirectory and BulkExtractorOutput evidence objects, added an additional variable containing the output path to the Evidence preprocess method, added CompressedDirectory as an available argument to process, updated breaking tests.
    * Added tests for bulk extractor report generation, simplified tar compression, fixed passing in self.tmp_dir instead of self.output_dir for file decompress, and other linting fixes.
    * Fixed some syntax/formatting in bulk extractor and archive modules
    * Fixed turbinia tests to be an empty report test for time being and added logic to bulk extractor report generation to check to see if there are any features available to parse and if not report no findings.
Commits on Sep 27, 2019
  1. Minor config handling changes for #191 (#447)

    johngalvin authored and aarontp committed Sep 27, 2019
    * Config handling changes for #191:
    * move config/ to config/ to
      make it a little more clear that it's a base template (happy to move
      elsewhere/create a top level templates/ directory or similar, lmk)
    * remove TurbiniaConfigException and replace with main TurbiniaException
    * drop support for using source-tree turbinia/config/
      as a runtime config file
    * Config handling changes for #191.
    Change adds a config.CONFIG_MSG text blob that reminds the user to copy
    the source config out and edit it, but we're keeping the source fallback
    config for now (due to #446; it's needed for tests to run).
    turbiniactl changes to print the friendlier message instead of the
    traceback on failure to load config, but we include the traceback
    exception message for visibility.
    * Address review comments (drop to-do, reference /etc/turbinia)
Commits on Sep 11, 2019
  1. check_output returns bytes in py3 (#441)

    rgayon authored and aarontp committed Sep 11, 2019
Commits on Sep 6, 2019
  1. Job tracking and new finalize Tasks (#437)

    aarontp committed Sep 6, 2019
    * Initial commit for finalize Tasks
    * Add test file and new Task
    * YAPF
    * Set jobs attribute as job object
    * Fix job filter
    * Adding logging
    * Add jobs interface tests
    * Update some debugging messages
    * Add completed tasks count
    * Update Task state before removal
    * Add request_id to evidence
    * Make sure job exists
    * Track when request is finalized
    * Add finalize request job
    * Add final job to running jobs
    * Add evidence to task result
    * Add evidence correctly
    * fix docstrings format
    * clean-up
    * Save evidence config to job.evidence
    * docstring
    * Fix review comments
  2. fix instantiation of ExportedFileArtifact (#439)

    rgayon authored and aarontp committed Sep 6, 2019
Commits on Aug 26, 2019
  1. Add --copy_only flag for cloud disks (#436)

    aarontp authored and berggren committed Aug 26, 2019
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