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Upvote Build Status

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Upvote is a multi-platform binary whitelisting solution. It provides both a sync server and management interface for binary enforcement clients. Upvote currently supports Santa on macOS and Bit9 (now known as Carbon Black Protection) on Windows.


  • First-party sync server for Santa
    • Written in coordination with Santa's development team
  • User-oriented Policy Creation
    • Apply policies to users instead of hosts
    • No migration necessary when users get new hosts
  • BigQuery streaming
    • Fast, easy, and scalable relational access to Santa and Bit9 execution data
  • Bundled Voting for .app bundles on macOS
    • Easily create policy for an entire bundle at once
  • VirusTotal Integration
    • View VirusTotal results directly in the detail page


Voting page screenshot


See the docs page for full instructions.



We are current working hard to get Upvote ready for external contributions. However, at this time, we do not have the necessary approvals to do so.

In the meantime, please feel free to file GitHub issues or post in our Google Group, upvote-discuss, with any comments, bugs, or feature requests.


Core Contributors: Chief, Matthew

Special thanks to Danny, Haru, Maxim

And to the Santa team: Russell, Tom, Ed, Phillip


This is not an official Google product.