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let s:thisplugin = expand('<sfile>:p:h')
if !exists('*maktaba#compatibility#Disable')
" To check if Maktaba is loaded we must try calling a maktaba function.
" exists() is false for autoloadable functions that are not yet loaded.
call maktaba#compatibility#Disable()
catch /E117:/
" Maktaba is not installed. Check whether it's in a nearby directory.
let s:rtpsave = &runtimepath
" We'd like to use maktaba#path#Join, but maktaba doesn't exist yet.
let s:slash = exists('+shellslash') && !&shellslash ? '\' : '/'
let s:guess1 = fnamemodify(s:thisplugin, ':h') . s:slash . 'maktaba'
let s:guess2 = fnamemodify(s:thisplugin, ':h') . s:slash . 'vim-maktaba'
if isdirectory(s:guess1)
let &runtimepath .= ',' . s:guess1
elseif isdirectory(s:guess2)
let &runtimepath .= ',' . s:guess2
" If we've just installed maktaba, we need to make sure that vi
" compatibility mode is off. Maktaba does not support vi compatibility.
call maktaba#compatibility#Disable()
catch /E117:/
" No luck.
let &runtimepath = s:rtpsave
unlet s:rtpsave
" We'd like to use maktaba#error#Shout, but maktaba doesn't exist yet.
echohl ErrorMsg
echomsg 'Maktaba not found! Glaive depends upon maktaba. Please either:'
echomsg '1. Place maktaba in the same directory as this plugin.'
echomsg '2. Add maktaba to your runtimepath before using this plugin.'
echomsg 'Maktaba can be found at'
echohl NONE
if !maktaba#IsAtLeastVersion('1.1.0')
call maktaba#error#Shout('Glaive requires maktaba version 1.1.0.')
call maktaba#error#Shout('You have maktaba version %s.', maktaba#VERSION)
call maktaba#error#Shout('Please update your maktaba install.')
let s:plugin = maktaba#plugin#GetOrInstall(s:thisplugin)
call s:plugin.Load('commands')