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So when the user return to that application later, either by opening it
again or the background process list, the activity will be restarted and
our sample will be started again.
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Vulkan Test Applications

Vulkan Test Applications is a repository that contains several sets of Vulkan applications.

The goals of this project are to maintain a repository of accessible test applications for Vulkan tool developers to leverage, as well as expose interesting or non-obvious implications of the API.

This is not an official Google product (experimental or otherwise), it is just code that happens to be owned by Google. See the file for more information. See also the AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTORS files.

Test Types

Sample applications

These are a set of sample applications that either uses the API in a way that is interesting for tools or use some functionality of the API that has not been exposed to other samples.

GAPID command tests

These tests are designed to test the functionality of GAPID for Vulkan. They can also be used to expose a variety of function call permutations for any layers. As a group, they attempt to call all Vulkan functions with all permutations of valid inputs. See gapid_tests for more information.

Checking out / Building

To clone: git clone --recursive path/to/this/repository

This will ensure that you have all of the dependencies checked out.

To build for Windows.

cmake /path/to/source
open VulkanTestApplications.sln

or if you want to use Ninja

From a Visual Studio command-prompt
cmake -GNinja /path/to/source -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

To build for Linux.

cmake -GNinja /path/to/source

To build for Android.

cmake -GNinja {root} -DBUILD_APKS=ON -DANDROID_SDK=path/to/android/sdk

This assumes the Android ndk is installed in the default location of path/to/android/sdk/ndk-bundle.

If it is installed elsewhere, use

cmake -GNinja {root} -DBUILD_APKS=ON -DANDROID_SDK=path/to/android/sdk -DANDROID_NDK=path/to/ndk -DCMAKE_GLSL_COMPILER=path/to/glslc

To build only for 32-bit ARM platform.

cmake -GNinja {root} -DBUILD_APKS=ON -DANDROID_SDK=path/to/android/sdk -DANDROID_ABIS=armeabi-v7a -DCMAKE_GLSL_COMPILER=path/to/glslc

glslc is required to compile GLSL shaders to SPIR-V. If it is not on your path, its location should be specified through -DCMAKE_GLSL_COMPILER option.

Compilation Options

The only specific other compilation options control default behavior for all applications. See entry for more information on these flags.

Support Functionality

Standard Assets


These should be checked out into third_party.