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AwReporting Server

(previously named Kratu Backend)


AwReporting Server is an AdWords account portfolio analysis tool, it analyzes more than 30 key signals to discover and prioritize opportunities for optimizations across large sets of AdWords accounts for all of our managed customers using as a Frontend UI the open source Kratu Project. It offers a Rest backend for the Kratu project over MongoDB/MySql and it reuses the project AwReporting.

Quick Start


AwReporting Server can be compiled using Maven by executing the following on the command line:

$ mvn compile dependency:copy-dependencies package

The project also needs aw-report-model and aw-reporting jars.


Download Reports:
java -Xmx4G -jar aw-reporting-server.jar -startDate YYYYMMDD -endDate YYYYMMDD -file <file>
Process Kratus:
java -Xmx4G -jar aw-reporting-server.jar -processKratus -startDate YYYYMMDD -endDate YYYYMMDD -file <file>

Start Rest Server:
java -Xmx4G -jar aw-reporting-server.jar -startServer -file <file>


 -accountIdsFile      Consider ONLY the account IDs specified on the file to run the report

 -dateRange      ReportDefinitionDateRangeType

 -debug     Will display all the debug information. If the option 'verbose' is activated, all
            the information will be displayed on the console as well

 -endDate <YYYMMDD>     End date for CUSTOM_DATE Reports (YYYYMMDD)

 -file file (./ by default if not provided)

 -help     print this message

 -processKratus     Process Kratus processes the 7 reports peraccount and creates a daily Kratu

 -startDate <YYYMMDD>     Start date for CUSTOM_DATE Reports (YYYYMMDD)

 -startServer     Starts the Rest Server. No dates required

 -verbose     The application will print all the tracing on the console


Index web page, with more information: http://localhost:8081/index.html

Kratu Report: http://localhost:8081/kratureport/index.html?dateStart=20130101&dateEnd=20130331

Genereate Reports: http://localhost:8081/generatereports/?dateStart=20130101&dateEnd=20130331

Genereate Kratus: http://localhost:8081/generatekratus/?dateStart=20130101&dateEnd=20130331

DB Indexes for better performance

Now the project creates the indexes if they do not exists when the server starts, you may want to drop the old indexes if you created them by hand.

Fine print

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Julian Toledo (Google Inc.)
Copyright © 2013 Google, Inc.
Apache 2.0
This is example software, use with caution under your own risk.