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Google Ads API Client Library for Python

This project hosts the Python client library for the Google Ads API.

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  • Python 3.8+


pip install google-ads


  • Distributed via PyPI.
  • Easy management of credentials.
  • Easy creation of Google Ads API service clients.


Please refer to our Developer Site for documentation on how to install, configure, and use this client library.

Protobuf Messages

Version 14.0.0 of this library introduced the required use_proto_plus configuration option that specifies which type of protobuf message to use. For information on why this flag is important and what the differences are between the two message types, see the Protobuf Messages guide.

Minimum Dependency Versions

Version 21.2.0 of this library lowered the minimum version for some dependencies in order to improve compatibility with other applications and packages that rely on protobuf version 3.

Note that using protobuf 3 will cause performance degredations in this library, so you may experience slower response times. For optimal performance we recommend using protobuf versions 4.21.5 or higher.