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Adding information about where to get support.

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@@ -28,7 +28,18 @@ New to the library? Check out the [Getting Started video screencast on YouTube](
- (AdWords) Support for tracking API unit usage;
- (AdWords) Full support for AdHoc reporting.
---Google Ads API Team
+## Submitting bug reports and/or feature requests
+If you have issues directly related to the client library, use the [issue tracker](
+If you have issues pertaining to a specific product, use the product support forums:
+* [AdWords](!forum/adwords-api)
+* [DoubleClick Ad Exchange](!forum/google-doubleclick-ad-exchange-buyer-api)
+* [DoubleClick for Publishers](!forum/google-doubleclick-for-publishers-api)
+Make sure to subscribe to our [Google Plus page](
+for API change announcements and other news.
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